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Should be an excellent day

OCR Media Spec (March Update)

Click here to see the latest version of the specification.

Schedule for the Day

The timetable for the day's events can be seen here.

Creativity (Mark Readman)

CEMP or 'The Centre of Excellence in Media Practice's website can be found here.

Machinima (Johnnie Ingram & Matt Kelland)

Suzy Davis, Final Cut Ltd

Suzy Davis is an Offline editor with London/New York/Los Angeles company - Final Cut.
Suzy's notes can be seen here.

End Of The Day - Presentation

End of the Day Presentation

Other Slides: The Future & The Vision | Creating the Environment

Links to blogs from January centres
Magazine blog
centre video blogs
text-based blog

The magazine blog has a lot of detail, a lot of variety and makes good use of the form. The video blogs are well organised and link together, enabling ease of moderation and explaining the projects well. They link to the evaluations on slideshare. The mainly text blog is not making full use of the potential of the medium and this would be a particularly important point in relation to the evaluation.

Contemporary Media Regulation (Clive Edwards)

Read Clive Edwards' booklet here.

We Media and Fans (Matt Hills)

Matt's Presentation

Media & Collective Identity (James Baker)

James' Media And Collective Identity Notes

TV in the Online Age

Cathal's Online TV Blog, here.

Cultural Convergence (John Woodward)

See the document here.

Digital Britain - Interim Report (Jan '09)

Read the document here.

Global Media (Roy Stafford)

Roy Stafford on Contemporary Media Issues, Slumdog Millionaire as a ‘global film text’ and Otaku culture in Japan and the associated media forms of manga, anime, videogames etc.

All the materials can be downloaded as follows:

Slumdog Millionaire (Word)

Manga (Word)

Manga 2 (pdf)

Otaku culture (pdf)

Presentation (pdf)

Postmodern Media (Julian McDougall)

Julian's Presentation

[Watch the whole documentary]

Teaching the Foundation Portfolio (Nikki Blackborrow)

Presentation Outline
For context, how we have structured the course

Outline schedule to give some sense of timings, order and how it all links together

Lesson content; some sense of what we taught, why and how we did it with some specific examples to try out

Skills taught and standards expected

How we managed the mix of practical and theory

Dealing with the evaluation

Links with other units at AS and A2

Outcomes; finished student blogs, practice video tasks, preliminary exercises and film opening sequences

Assessment; how we have applied the criteria with some sample cover sheets

Reflections - pros and cons; issues; what to avoid, recommended resources

Q+A, practical advice according to needs of delegates – how to set up and manage student blogs, buying and managing equipment, creating/managing a youtube channel etc

Latymer Blogs | Latymer YouTube Showreel

Teaching the Foundation Portfolio (Nina Moore)

Magazines Production & Institution (Anna Stokes)

Teaching TV Drama (Ameena Khan)

G322 Mark Scheme

G321 & G322 Reports

See the G321 Report here.

See the G322 Report here.

Technical Expert - Marisa Providence

Here's some Tech Handouts from Marisa Providence, City and Islington Sixth Form College.

Final Cut Pro


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