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Here you will find lots of content related to what you see throughout the day.

Should be an excellent day

Teaching the Foundation Portfolio (Nikki Blackborrow)

Presentation Outline
For context, how we have structured the course

Outline schedule to give some sense of timings, order and how it all links together

Lesson content; some sense of what we taught, why and how we did it with some specific examples to try out

Skills taught and standards expected

How we managed the mix of practical and theory

Dealing with the evaluation

Links with other units at AS and A2

Outcomes; finished student blogs, practice video tasks, preliminary exercises and film opening sequences

Assessment; how we have applied the criteria with some sample cover sheets

Reflections - pros and cons; issues; what to avoid, recommended resources

Q+A, practical advice according to needs of delegates – how to set up and manage student blogs, buying and managing equipment, creating/managing a youtube channel etc

Latymer Blogs | Latymer YouTube Showreel


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